Good design is like a wine glass…

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Consider a wine glass. Its shape allows for optimum aroma and aeration. Its stem keeps our hands from warming the liquid inside. It is crystal clear, never obscuring or taking attention from the unique characteristics of its contents. Everything about it has been carefully considered—it doesn’t just hold wine, it holds it better. (And looks […]

Holiday Card Lingo

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It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about the dreaded holiday card… What will you say? How will you word it? How do you strike the perfect balance between ‘warm wishes’ and ‘thank you for your business’? We’ve done a lot of these over the years and they always start with creating […]

Mercy LIVE! lights up Baltimore

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It’s not often you see a nun and an acrobat having dinner together—but that was just one of the unexpected and delightful scenes at Mercy Medical Center’s annual gala on June 8. This year’s event donned a new name and an electrifying new venue to go with it. “Mercy LIVE!” overtook Baltimore’s popular Power Plant […]

The best gifts are smiles and laughs

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Why give chocolates when you can give something fun and memorable? That was our motto this Christmas. We found some gifts that were so simple and great, we just had to share. Enjoy! 1. Purse Post-It Note holder Ok, so maybe this isn’t totally appropriate for a man. But what woman doesn’t love purses and […]

Say What? Baltimore Teacher Network Becomes a New Voice for the City’s Educators

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As the state of the nation’s public school system continues on what many would call a declining path, the newly formed Baltimore Teacher Network is helping teachers vocalize their stake in public discussions around teaching and learning in an attempt to locally change the course of education. BTN believes public schools are a critical element […]

A Truly Moving Piece

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When our awesome print rep Lisa moved to Creative Print Group, she needed a way to let her clients know her new whereabouts and describe the perks of her new location. And when the company has the word “creative” right in the name, you know that an ordinary postcard just won’t do. So we came […]

Casey Cares…and so do we!

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One of the great things about being a designer is that you get to learn about what other people do every day. It’s not just a perk, it’s a requirement. Over the years, we’ve worked with everyone from accountants to plumbers to professional athletes, and nothing has been more critical to communicating their messages effectively […]

Hopkins Symphony Orchestra Gets a New Look

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For 30 years, Hopkins Symphony Orchestra’s unique repertoire has gained it critical acclaim in Baltimore and beyond. Comprised of professional musicians, Johns Hopkins faculty and students, and local musicians, HSO is truly a community affair. For each student or community member in the audience, there might be one performing on stage. When Johns Hopkins approached […]

Welcome Vince!

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A big welcome to Vince, 2fold’s first intern. No coffee runs or mindless filing for this guy—Vince is already hard at work on some of our most exciting design projects and we’re very happy to have him on board!

Sometimes “done” is better than “perfect”

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On August 1 Bryna and I officially unveiled a dream—our company, 2fold. It is the effectuation of an idea sketched onto a cocktail napkin 10 years ago, and the opportunity of a lifetime to do what we love every day. As new business owners it has also been an opportunity to make a million mistakes […]