2 Fold Collective from Clickspark on Vimeo.

2fold Collective is a Baltimore-based creative firm that provides design and brand consulting services for organizations of all types and sizes. Known for our ‘in-house’ style approach, 2fold specializes in seamlessly integrating with internal marketing efforts, delivering ongoing creative support when and where companies need it most.

Beliefs + Work Style

We believe communication is key.

Communication is not only a huge part of what we do, but how we do it. Timely responses, critical feedback, and ongoing communication are paramount to successful projects.

We believe form follows function.

We’re not interested in winning design awards or creating something ‘cool’ without a purpose. We pride ourselves in developing the right solution for the problem at hand.

We work seamlessly with your team.

Design and creative services are often outsourced. Our goal is to seamlessly fill that void as a natural extension of your existing team. We’re comfortable working with as many members of the team as you want to bring to the table, the more minds the better.

We read, understand, and distill.

It’s about more than just the look. We take the time to read your copy – and to provide feedback. Good design is nothing without good content. If we don’t understand it, chances are your audience might not either.