Let’s skip the part about employees washing their hands and get straight to the point—we’re in this together, how can we help?

As idea people, technology people, and just plain human people, we wanted to reach out and say we’re here. Remote work and social distancing are quickly making web and social media communication critical, and we want to contribute our skillset in these areas to support you however we can.

Last week, perhaps more than ever, we used our creative superpowers for good. And it felt great.

We put a new spin on social media campaigns. We advertised no-contact food delivery and pick-up for local restaurants and promoted fully online car buying services for dealerships.

We helped deploy critical website updates and email announcements. We made hourly COVID-19 updates possible for our senior living community clients.

We enhanced intranet / internal communication platforms. We built functionlity for secure, up-to-the-minute announcements on company emergency protocols.

We helped clients be proactive. We hopped on the phone and brainstormed ideas for adapting existing services and promoting them in a rapidly changing environment.


If there’s something we can do to help, let us know.

Shoot us an email or a Facebook message.