Mercy LIVE! lights up Baltimore

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It’s not often you see a nun and an acrobat having dinner together—but that was just one of the unexpected and delightful scenes at Mercy Medical Center’s annual gala on June 8. This year’s event donned a new name and an electrifying new venue to go with it. “Mercy LIVE!” overtook Baltimore’s popular Power Plant Live, absorbing the spirit of the venue’s energetic nightlife while transforming it’s brick lined central walk into an elegant black tie affair. From aerial acrobatics and gourmet s’more stations to a Mercy-themed game of Bingo, there was never a shortage of things to marvel!

With such a great combination of people, place, and mission, it’s no surprise that by the end of the evening Mercy had raised over $500,000 to benefit the hospital. 2fold had the chance to be part of the story of Mercy LIVE! from the very beginning, helping define it’s personality over the course of almost a year leading up to that amazing night.

To commemorate the new partnership, the well-known Power Plant Live mark served as a springboard for the event logo and subsequent collateral. See highlights below and visit the event’s website:

Mercy LIVE! Invitation

The invitation was housed in a die-cut sheath, which when removed “illuminated” the Live logo by revealing a bright red color beneath.

Mercy LIVE! Program