The best gifts are smiles and laughs

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Why give chocolates when you can give something fun and memorable? That was our motto this Christmas. We found some gifts that were so simple and great, we just had to share. Enjoy!

1. Purse Post-It Note holder
Ok, so maybe this isn’t totally appropriate for a man. But what woman doesn’t love purses and sprucing up their desk? It’s a win-win really.
Buy it here.

2. ‘Borrow my Pen’ set
These are nothing short of hilarious. Embarrassing fake companies, fake taglines, and fake URLs.
Buy them here.

3. ‘Get the hint’ Reminder flags
Every now and then a document needs a little extra nudge. Do that in a fun and friendly way with these flags OR a more direct way with the offensive variation we chose to leave out of our PG13 blog 🙂
Buy them here.

4. Pep Talks and Picker Uppers
We all know someone who usually sees the glass half empty rather than full. With this book, you’ll always offer great advice and cheer for every ‘Debbie Downer’ situation.
Buy it here.

5. The Monday Mug
For the coffee drinker in your life. Sad face with no coffee, happy face when filled with coffee. Enough said.
Buy it here.