Say What? Baltimore Teacher Network Becomes a New Voice for the City’s Educators

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As the state of the nation’s public school system continues on what many would call a declining path, the newly formed Baltimore Teacher Network is helping teachers vocalize their stake in public discussions around teaching and learning in an attempt to locally change the course of education. BTN believes public schools are a critical element of promoting a democratic society, and are encouraging Baltimore’s teachers to take the lead in discussing and confronting the issues that face our city’s schools. The growing network also includes researchers and community activists who take part in forums, symposiums, and community research centered around education.

BTN enlisted 2fold to create an identity for the organization that would exemplify their focus on putting teachers in the center of education discussion.

In a nod to the organization’s roots, we decided to begin with the shape of Baltimore City when developing the logo. In doing so, we realized when you break the shape down into its simplest forms, the result resembles an abstracted speech bubble:

Given that BTN is a forum for Baltimore teachers to speak up and be heard about this issues facing Baltimore schools, we saw the speech bubble as perfect icon to build the brand around. The result was a fresh, colorful logo mark that could be extended to represent various “conversations” in education.

When combined into a pinwheel, these conversations give an overview of the big picture and highlight the teacher’s role at the center.

Since BTN is new, initial collateral focused on introducing readers to the organization and encouraging educators to join the Network. The color palette was inspired by the Maryland flag while not directly replicating its stark red and gold.