Hopkins Symphony Orchestra Gets a New Look

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For 30 years, Hopkins Symphony Orchestra’s unique repertoire has gained it critical acclaim in Baltimore and beyond. Comprised of professional musicians, Johns Hopkins faculty and students, and local musicians, HSO is truly a community affair. For each student or community member in the audience, there might be one performing on stage. When Johns Hopkins approached us to put a new spin on their brand, we knew that the idea of a “community orchestra” was going to be the the driving force behind the new mark.

The commonly used “HSO” acronym becomes the primary mark for the new identity, with the O giving a nod to the two key players in any performance—orchestra and audience. The icon can be used independently or with type, and can be displayed in a vertical or horizontal orientation. For an added surprise, the vertical orientation resembles a conductor holding a baton.


The palette for HSO is as vibrant and varied as the city it calls home. A varied palette allows for color coding of performances and fun logo variations.

Even without sound, an orchestral performance is very moving—quite literally. The energy and motion captured in supplied photography of performances showed the common occurrence of particular lines and angles. These are reflected in the mark, and pairing it with photography that mimics these lines is a perfect fit for event collateral.


Like any new identity, the HSO brand continues to evolve as it enters the world in new forms. We’re excited to see how it grows in its first year.